• Private or corporate events - tutored tastings or beer talks, new product launches or private beer-themed events. Wine-free Weddings!
  • Help with arranging and holding beer and cider festivals. Parties for those big birthdays, hen or stag parties including bespoke pub or brewery crawls.
  • Guided brewery tours, tutored tastings or new beer launch events, to assist growing breweries attract a loyal following of enthusiastic drinkers.
  • Complete beer services for your music or arts festival.
  • Guest speaker for clubs and corporate events. Example topics include: beer styles, the history of beer, beer and health, or Q&A sessions - all with or without accompanying selected tasters!


  • Training for new starters or sales staff, introducing them to the world of beer, beer styles and history or for the more technical, fault identification and analysis.
  • For cellar staff and serving staff. Equip your staff with the skills to keep and serve beer at its best, to know when there's a fault and identify the cause. Give your staff the knowledge to talk about your different beers, to introduce customers to new styles and to suggest beers to match their food choices.


  • Sourcing beers for pubs, bars restaurants and retailers. 
  • Providing the selected beers to match a menu or just acting as a central point for dealing with your local breweries or the multiple suppliers and breweries around the world to get hold of the beers you want. 
  • One-off specials or regular orders all welcome. 

Brewery Advice & Consultancy

  • Help with perfecting your house style, recipe development and fault detection and analysis.
  • The provision of tasting notes for labels, POS and marketing media. Introduction into new outlets and introducing your beers to new drinkers via tasting events.
  • Help with selecting and keeping beer.
  • Articles and news alerts for newspapers, magazines and websites. Event coverage and assistance at product launches.

Sommelier Services for pubs and restaurants

  • Full sommelier services with a range of beers matched to your menus, tasting notes and advice on glassware.
  • Sourcing and supply of beers and speciality bespoke brews in tailored small batches just for you.

Beer Writing

  • Guidance on writing tasting notes
  • Articles for websites, blogs or publications
  • Re-edited the seminal work by Louis Pasteur "Etudes sur la Biere"