Meet Andrew

I discovered long after I'd found my favourite drink, that it was called real ale!

I joined CAMRA and got involved with beer festivals, recruitment, writing about beer and learning along the way. I followed the growth of new craft breweries and got to love the new bold styles.

Eventually I thought about turning this passion into a career and began my Sommelier training with the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London. That revealed how much more I had to learn and set me on the path to greater discovery.

Beer is a worldwide phenomena and the third most widely-consumed beverage after milk and tea! It is more diverse and adaptable than wine - there's a beer to accompany almost every dish - including breakfast!

I want to help the world enjoy better beer and more choice of beer. There's so much around yet we still struggle to get the choice and quality we should. 

It's already available - let's make it accessible.

I met my wife at the Hook Norton Festival of Fine Ales and we even named our dog Hoppy!

I also brew at home and with the Beer Boars at Brew Club  in London