Promoting the enjoyment of craft beers and real ales


Together, we can bring great beer to drinkers and enjoy the results - 

Quality control should be for you and your staff – it’s not your customer’s job!

Saying “it’s always like that!” or "no-one else has mentioned it" doesn’t help if the customer is bringing beer back to the bar.

Serving beer in its best condition, at the right temperature and in the right glass will enhance your customer experience, improve your reputation and increase recommendations and sales volumes.

Many new breweries gain a strong local following but taking the next step requires a quality product - I can bring a critical impartial view and guidance on improvements to recipe and process to help you grow a viable business.

Most venues now offer a good selection of wines but only a few outside of key cities, such as London, Leeds or Manchester, offer a good, if any selection of beers. Offering the same old National or International brands as everyone else isn’t going to win you new customers or enhance customer loyalty.

Whilst beer sales have steadily declined, the volume of real ale consumed continues to grow. Interest in and sales of craft beers are booming. Venues that offer a good selection of beers draw customers and keep them engaged. Beer has over 5,000 years of history - this is no fad!